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Sweet, Sweet Greenwich Avenue, Greenwich CT

Sweet, Sweet Greenwich Avenue, Greenwich CT

Oh, you faint of heart.  No bellyaching about the 39 degree weather of today.  Put the feelings of frigidity aside and head down to the new kid on the block at 369 Greenwich Ave.

Close to Richards, Apple Store, Diane’s books et al

Welcome Pinkberry to Greenwich, CT!   My daughter and I were wondering when you would get here?  We have spent way too much time driving around NYC looking for a Pinkberry.  

For the uninitated, Pinkberry is a nonfat frozen yogurt that has yummy flavors, from its classic original with just the right amount of tartness, to weekly specials such as peanut butter and coconut.  There is a smorgasbord of fresh fruits along with sweet toppings.  Don’t take my word for it.. truck on down and find out for yourself why I am so excited to have Pinkberry come to the Ave.  

Let me know at if you don’t think something special.

Check out the fresh fruits and more

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