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Greenwich High-69-LPublic School System

Greenwich Public School System
290 Greenwich Avenue
Greenwich, CT 06830

The Greenwich Schools consist of 11 elementary schools, 3 middle schools and a high school serving 2,700 students. There is a pre-school program and ARCH, which focuses on students with special needs. The Greenwich Public Schools are committed to a comprehensive process of curriculum planning and assessment to foster continuous improvement of student performance as measured by the highest local, regional, national and international standards of excellence.

The mission of the school system is to educate all students to the highest levels of academic achievement, to enable them to reach and expand their potential, and to prepare them to become productive, responsible, ethical, creative and compassionate members of society.

The Core Values are:
• a comprehensive, challenging, well-rounded education,
• high expectations and standards of performance and behavior.
• integrity, being honest, ethical, and respectful of others,
• accountability, establishing clear goals, measure progress, and take responsibility for results,
• the collaboration with parents and community to support student learning, diversity–appreciating, respecting,
and learning from diverse viewpoints,
• instill a spirit of life long learning

Private Schools

schoolsBrunswick School
100 Maher Avenue
Greenwich, CT 06830

Brunswick is a college preparatory school serving boys in grades Nursery through twelve and has a student body of 940. The purpose of Brunswick is to educate the “whole boy”. Through a rich and rigorous college preparatory curriculum, the School strives for the fullest intellectual development of every young man. The School’s academic programs seek to instill in each student a desire to learn, to challenge each boy to fulfill his own unique potential, to foster critical thinking skills and to develop the creative and independent qualities of mind necessary to intellectual maturity and increased self-confidence.

Convent of the Sacred Heart
1177 King Street
Greenwich, CT 06831
Convent of the Sacred Heart is an independent, Catholic, day school for young women, from preschool through grade 12. It is steeped in a tradition of judgment, personal freedom and strength of character so that students can become leaders with broad intellectual and spiritual horizons. Service to others is a compelling commitment of the education with a basis in developing a personal and active faith in God and social awareness which leads to action.

Eagle Hill School
45 Glenville Road
Greenwich, CT 06830
Eagle Hill is a language-based, remedial program committed to educating children with learning disabilities. EHS serves children aged 6-16 through a Lower and Upper School. The curriculum is individualized, interdisciplinary, and transitional in nature. A secure, structured, nurturing environment supports and stimulates the development of the whole child. As a result, children learn to view themselves as competent individuals with a strong sense of self.
In an environment that recognizes and embraces diversity, Eagle Hill teaches children an array of strategies and skills to manage their learning disabilities effectively at school and at home. Eagle Hill helps children gain the self-esteem necessary to initiate, nurture and maintain friendships. Inherent in the Eagle Hill philosophy is development of children with strong moral and ethical character.

Greenwich Academy
200 North Maple Avenue
Greenwich, CT 06830
Greenwich Academy is a college-preparatory day school serving girls in grades Pre-Connecting through Group XII. The Upper School has a fully coordinated program with Brunswick School, a neighboring boys’ school. The school serves approximately 800 students. Its mission is to provide a challenging, comprehensive educational experience grounded in a rigorous liberal arts curriculum within an inclusive, diverse community. The school’s objective is to develop girls and young women of exceptional character and achievement who demonstrate independence, resilience, courage, integrity and compassion.

Greenwich Catholic School
471 North Street
Greenwich, CT 06830
(203) 869-4000
Greenwich Catholic School consists of 430 students from grades Kindergarten through eighth grade. It is run under the Catholic Diocese of Bridgeport and seeks to “create a learning environment which encourages higher order thinking skills through the development approach of thematic study with an integrated curriculum infused with Gospel values and coupled with innovative team teaching.”

Greenwich Country Day School
401 Old Church Rd.
Greenwich, CT 06836
The Greenwich Country Day School has 870 students from Nursery through Ninth grade. It is by complete design, that half of these students are girls and the other half are boys. GCDS creates a coeducational program balanced in gender and skilled in teaching different learning styles maintains high academic standards, a broad and balanced curriculum, and time-honored traditions.

Greenwich Japanese School
25 Ridgeway Avenue
Greenwich, CT 06830
This school serves 180 students, grades 1-9. The student body is 100% Asian.

Putnam Indian Field School
101 Indian Field Road
Greenwich, CT 06830
Putnam Indiian Field is an independent, co-educational pre-school. Their philosophy centers on each child as competent, powerful and eager to learn and views the teachers as a respectful co-learner with the child. They believe that children learn best when they are actively involved in play, engaged in activities of interest to them and that lead them to make choices, explore, experiment, investigate, discover and create. The teachers follow the child’s interests and introduce learning skills in the context of those interests.

The Stanwich School
257 Stanwich Road
Greenwich, CT 06831
The Stanwich School serves 425 students, pre kindergarten through 9th grade. It is a caring community that offers a balanced, rigorous education, infused with values emphasizing Judeo-Christian principles and traditions, which inspire students to be their best, help others be their best and make God’s world a better place. Stanwich’s symbol, the Triskelion, represents Mind, Body and Spirit. It is this distinctive values-based, character-building education that sets Stanwich apart. At Stanwich, students are encouraged to: Be the Best You Can Be, Help Others Be Their Best , Make God’s World a Better Place.

Whitby School
969 Lake Avenue
Greenwich, CT 06831
Whitby is an independent, coeducational private school with 385 students ages 14 months through eighth grade. Whitby upholds a tradition of teaching students through the most innovative, proven practices in education with a goal to guide students to develop a true passion for learning and gain the intellectual, emotional and social skills to “Learn, Live and Succeed” in today’s global community. While our main goal is to provide a superior, well-rounded education ( Learn), we also stress the importance of living that learning in everyday life and understanding the reward of community service ( Live). The result is a student prepared to work hard, apply themselves and succeed at school and life (Succeed).

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