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How Does Real Estate Figure Into Your Life?

Robin Kencel|August 10, 2018

New to Market: The only new construction contemporary home in Greenwich, CT

I have represented properties where it was clear within minutes- unless the listing price was out of thin air and not connected to reality (i.e., the current market) that this was “it” for the buyers. For these buyers, the purchase was emotional, relational, and an important milestone in their lives. I’ve also had experiences where the buyer has told me clearly and plainly, that the purchase is as much or more about it’s investment potential, as it is about a place to live. So, my lazy summer day question to you is. What kind of a buyer are you and how do you think about real estate?  Whether you are Buyer #1 or Buyer #2, these 5 questions are relevant for you.

1. Will 2018 prove to be a better year to buy or sell a home than 2019 will be?
2. Will  homes in a luxury market like Greenwich, CT be more expensive to buy if I wait?
3. Will I have a harder time selling my home if I wait?
4. How do I determine who the best agent  is to help me sell my home?
5. Who is the best agent to help me buy my  home?

The first three questions are truly unanswerable. We had a hint last week that the answers are likely to be a qualified “yes,” because the Fed left interest rates unchanged—which means Greenwich’s rates remain near bargain basement levels. That usually makes for financially favorable deal-making. True, it’s always possible that next year will bring more of the same, but that’s not the likeliest scenario. Most experts believe that home loan rates will rise, probably moderately.

The last two questions actually have an easy answer. What is important to you in a real estate transaction/relationship? For buyers, what I focus on are 3 things: 1) market knowledge, 2) understanding buyers spoken (and unspoken needs/wants), 3) sharp negotiating skills.  For sellers, my top priorities are: 1) hyper targeted marketing to buyers who are the right profile for the property, 2) keeping the property in front of the active agents in the Greenwich market, as well as our critical feeder markets, starting with New York City, and, 3) sharp negotiating skills.

Elevating the art and science of real estate.  The Robin Kencel Group


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