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#100HappyDays:  Day 1: Watching This Grooving Grandpa Shake It Down

#100HappyDays: Day 1: Watching this Grooving Grandpa Shake It Down

Has #100HappyDays made it to you yet?  A young Swiss man started The #100HappyDays movement when he realized he was racing around chasing life and wasn’t thinking about, or even recognizing what made him happy.  He felt that the internal and external chase of life left him no space for being or acknowledging happiness.  He started to record his happy moments in photos and the fever caught.  

All sorts of buyers pass through.  Many buyers today are very, very concerned with their home as an investment, and they rightly should, given that it takes up such a large portion of their assets.  That said,  sometimes I wonder if they even like the house as it’s tough to see much of a response.

So, when I saw this mature gentleman, let’s call him Al,  boogying at a ballroom dance studio’s evening practice party it struck me straightaway.  Joy. Pure and real.

Making me think…. whatever big decision is occupying your time at the moment whether it be a new home, sale of a home, change of job, or something that is causing worry or loads of thinking time, maybe take a few minutes for the #100happydays challenge.  And think of Al. 

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