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100 Happy Days: Day 2 Trying Something New

100 Happy Days: Day 2 Trying Something New

The older I get, the easier it is to get in a groove.. and not a cool groove, upbeat kind of groove but a stuck-in-habits, needle going around and around the same track kind of a groove.  Dangerously close to a rut.

Decided to try a new sport to stretch myself.  Happy point number 1:  The anticipation of doing something I never tried before.  Happy point number 2:  Having the fellow manning the water sports kindly offer to stay past his shift so that he could teach me the basics of paddle boarding.  This after yesterday, when he expressly told me NOT to try and stand on the board and after 5 minutes of paddling on my knees I thought, “Forget that!”, stood up and promptly went overboard.

With Erwin’s help today, I managed to get up and stay up.  Happy to be in the ocean and trying something new! Wonder if I can do this at Tod’s Point?

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